Virgin Post!

It’s just me, AG, a Metroblog neophyte penning her inaugural post on her experiences in this fine city of Philadelphia. It’s good to join the Phila Metroblog crew–I’m think it will be tres fun recounting all my city-wide antics and (mis)adventures in a public forum. Fun for me that is; fun for everyone else, well, I don’t think I can make such lofty promises.

My friend from NYC was in to visit this weekend & bounced about the city quite a bit with her and a few other friends:

Happy hour @ Fergie’s, 12th & Sansom, on Friday night & my first visit to a lesbian club–went to Sisters @ 1320 Chancellor on a whim. Danced & sang to the tunes of the cover band, Next Month’s Rent. A little upset I didn’t get hit on despite the fact that I like boys. Bwa ha.  Caught the US vs. Italy game @ Tir Na Nog on Sat. Hoo boy–let’s not talk about how we were robbed of that second goal. Offsides, my patookas.  Brisk walk down Kelly Drive on Sunday followed by a picnic in front of the Franklin Institute.  Sunday evening happy hour @ Washington Square. They had advertised a brand new summer BBQ event to last thru September-ish; however, upon inquiry, we found that they had since cancelled the event (that evening, it seems) for the entire rest of the season because it “just wasn’t working.” Even still, we enjoyed a couple Corona’s in the outdoor patio which was nice & breezy all evening.  Ended up @ Tom Hagen’s Tavern (has extreme dive-status potential) on 20th & Arch for the night–they finally got a sign outside of the place. For the longest time, its sole signage was a yellow square box labeled simply, “BAR.” They had surprisingly tasty chicken fingers. If you want to play darts, you’ll have to bring your own–they only have one dart in the place.

So that was it–nothing crazy. I shall attempt to make future posts a little less journal-like.

And there it is. The first post. Be back soon!

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  1. Marisa (unregistered) on June 19th, 2006 @ 10:55 am

    Welcome to the blog! So glad that you’ve joined us!

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