I am an American

I didn’t attend the rally in Love Park. In fact, I’ve never attended any sort of rally for any sort of cause. Maybe it’s my closed-mindedness or my complacency paired with my American citizenship which has made me blind to the principles we’ve all been taught — as US citizens — since we were babies.

Every day, illegal immigrants walk among us. Oftentimes even since they themselves were babies. In many cases, they’ve been in the US longer than you’ve been alive. And we may not know it. We may pass them as we drive to work or we may be sitting in a restaurant and have our plate cleared by one. We may even be friends with an immigrant or two, as long as we are not closed-minded enough to unknowingly chase them away.

These are people who aren’t squelching our God-given right to services. They pay taxes…oftentimes more (as self-employed), lack health benefits, and can never truly work or drive or own property by their own merit. They are not able to work “on-the-table” jobs because of their citizenship issues, issues which can never be resolved. They cannot apply for welfare because they cannot apply for social security numbers. These people are merely forced, day by day, to pretend to conform to our vision of Americana.

And here is the reality of our Americana: According to the US Citizenship and Naturalization Services (USCNS) site, there are several rules for becoming an American citizen over time:

Good Moral Character –
Attachment to the Constitution –
Language –
History/Culture Knowledge –
Oath of Allegiance – and…here’s the big one:
Residency – An applicant must have been lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Therefore any person who came to this country illegally, for whatever the reason, is automatically precluded from ever become a US citizen. Fault them for coming over without following the rules, but there is never an opportunity to get past this. On top of this, oftentimes an illegal immigrant only came over to this country because he or she knew there was little or no opportunity in their own country.

And I think it’s bullshit.

Paired with the legislation these immigrants are now fighting, this Residency rule means a decision made — possibly years ago, possibly even by the immigrant’s parents — prevents a person from ever becoming an American citizen. The new rules automatically make that person a criminal, an outlaw, a deviant. They are subject to automatic deportation without any hope whatsoever of becoming a citizen. Not that they had that hope anyway.

They are aliens.

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