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North Star Bar is still my favorite


After work today a friend met me at my place in Center City, and we headed for Fairmount to catch happy hour at the North Star Bar. As we walked in, I was reminded again why I like that place so much. It’s warm, cozy and deeply cheap during from 5:30-7:30 pm. They have my favorite beer in the world on tap, Rogue’s Hazel Nut Ale (although I’m also deeply fond of Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale), and wings are $.25 a piece during happy hour. My friend Cindy and I grabbed the last two available seats at the bar. As we got our drinks, we looked at each other and said what we always do when we manage to grab a North Star happy hour, that we have to do it more often. If you haven’t made it up there, I highly recommend it. They even have happy hour specials on weekends.

How to watch the Olympics.

So Kariyanine mentioned that the Olympics viewership was down.

Most people are saying the Olympics got boring. I agree. That’s why I’m doing something about it.

I have one suggestion for those folks, based on my own experience:

I swear. I’m just tipsy, and the Olympics are hi-larious. (Please to be watching Firefly for that reference.) I recommend a bit of booze to liven up these games. It makes them work much better.

I’m going to be going back to being drunk without a computer right now. KTHNXBI.

Lightning May Not Strike the Same Place Twice

….but evidence suggests that poorly driven cars do:

A Bucks County couple is trying to pick up the pieces after their home was struck by a car for the second time in less than two months.

The couple said they had just completed thousands of dollars worth of repairs when a second car crashed into their home on West Broad Street in Quakertown.

The mind boggles.

Red Sky: first impressions

Vince and I both hit Red Sky tonight so I’m excited to hear his opinions on the place. I have a fairly mixed review (food good; atmosphere bad) but a downer note to start with before I collapse:

My coat came back from the coatroom reeking of smoke.

Seeing as how I’m a non-smoker and the coat went into the coatroom smelling like dryer sheets, this is a problem that I didn’t cause. I’m going to be dropping the manager a line rather soon because I’m a little irked. At least I’m not allergic to the stuff; I just have a reeking coat with none of the fun of going to a real bar.

The rest of the review should be up tomorrow.

Hungry for Spring Salad

As I walked home today, something felt different. It was still cold, I was still wearing down and a tightly wrapped scarf, but the air felt less punishing. Also, it was almost 6 pm, and it wasn’t dark. This, more than the unseasonable warm weather we had most of last month, started me dreaming of spring. So I decided the coming change of seasons required a dinner that would suit. Everyone eats salad all year round these days, but somehow I don’t crave crisp greens, cucumbers and slivers of red onion in the winter, the way I do when the weather is warmer. So salad it was.

Not So Popular

Ratings for the Olympics are down, 34 percent from the last Olympics (’02 in Salt Lake City). Some people might attempt to use the time difference, Turin’s 6 hours ahead, as the major reason why ratings are down but that doesn’t fly because ratings are down 16% from the 1998 Nagano games where there was a 13 hour time difference. So do people not care about the Olympics any more? The answer seems to be a resounding NO in Philadelphia as our fine city ranks 39th overall in market viewer ship. 39th place ties us with Dayton, Ohio. Sports wise there isn’t a whole lot going on this time of year, the Flyers are on hiatus and the Sixers don’t play every night, so what are sports fans in Philly watching? College basketball, Poker, American Idol? Are you watching anything at all? I’m highly interested in knowing what Philadelphia is watching if not our tape delayed Winter Games.

1001 posts!

102924770_bed793cf9d.jpgI just read Vince’s new post about the Franklin Square PATCO ghost stop…never even heard about it before, I wonder what else is down there. Well I looked to the right and saw that Philadelphia Metroblogs had reached 1000 posts! I get to have the 1001th post :) Congrats to all the Philly Metbloggers and our loyal readers. We’ve been in business for less than a year and we’ve reached the 1,000 mark. Keep up the great work!

The PATCO Ghost Station

If you’ve ever taken the PATCO speed line over to Philadelphia, you’ll notice one annoying thing: The first stop you can get off at in Philadelphia is 8th and Market. What about those of us living it up in swanky Society Hill? Take the El? We dare not wait another 5 minutes. But since I was a child, I have always wondered about the infamous “Franklin Square” PATCO stop. The station has dim lighting and the train never stops at the abandoned station. It has a creepy glow and looks like it’s out of a movie like Underworld or something similar. However, it would also be a very useful stop for some of us.

But alas, I have never found the above-ground entrance to this subway stop for PATCO. Does anyone know where the Franklin Square entrances are? I’m dying to check them out and to see how convienient they would have been.

Flyers Update: Turin Olympics

Then there were two. Two Flyers left competing in Turin that is. Flyers goaltender Antero Niitymaki’s Olympic medal hopes remain alive as do Flyers center Peter Forsberg’s. All the rest of the Flyers are out of contention. Niitymaki has established himself as Finland’s starting goaltender, a surprise after not even being named to the team initially. Forsberg, playing for Sweden, has four points (all assists) in three games. His four points tie him with his Flyers linemates (Simon Gagne of Canada and Mike Knuble of the US) combined. While the US team was ousted by Finland yesterday it didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone watching the tournament, the US has been playing without emotion (and offense) from the outset. Canada’s exit was much more unexpected as the Canadiens were heavy gold medal favorites yet they were shut out three times in the tournament including yesterday’s elimination round match-up against Russia.

Niitymaki’s team Finland will take on Russia tomorrow in the semi-finals while Forsberg’s team Sweden will take on the Czech Republic.

Looking for a bargain?

If you’re like me (I do recognize that not everyone is like me), then there is nothing that gets you happy like a big room full of junk for the sorting and buying. If you are, in fact, like me, then I recommend that you check out the 4th Annual “World Class Rummage Sale” at the First Unitarian Church this Saturday from 11 am -4 pm. They transform the sanctuary of the church into a world of well-organized crap, all the better to bargain shop in. The church is at 2125 Chestnut Street (the same one where a lot of the R5 Productions shows are). I’ve been to the rummage sale every year for the last couple, and always find really fun, interesting stuff. Whether you are looking for a new dish drainer, a cocktail shaker or copy of “The Italian Job” (seriously, a friend and I each got one last year), then get your butt over there sometime on Saturday.

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