Being part of Rocky history

Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from a friend. It was an email her mother (who is almost 70, with a very regal English accent) had written her, reporting that she had spent the day trying to be in the Rocky movie, and had “adopted” a new child along the way.

There is a distinct possibility that your mother will be in the Rocky movie, at the end when the credits role. Sty or is it Sly requested that as a Thank you to Philadelphia, they would tape people running up the steps (all 6 of them at the top) and dancing, 11am to 4pm.

So I venture out with my bad knee and sign the release and stand and wait. Most interesting. I got chatting with a Korean war veteran and a juvenile delinquent counselor age 30 who suggested we do it together. So an hour and a half later the woman tells its harder then you think (it was) and that we have a good chance because they didn’t have a “mother and son.”

So we ran up the steps danced around, fake boxed, hugged, faked boxed again, and again and again for what seemed like forever (all of one minute). The woman said we were good!

The name of my “son” is Tony.

So now we wait to see if I’m on the cutting room floor. But I was filmed for Rocky 6! One of my rowing buddies turned up with her 4 kids and they specially wanted her.

My knee is suddenly better!

For Rocky locals, a climb toward fame

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