E-stalker makes good with minor e-fame.

Please. Allow me some meta space here. Because we have a local celeb climber on our hands in Mr. Brady Hicks.

I’ve met Brady. He’s a little strange, but a really nice guy. Really nice. Does normal things like adoring his cute girlfriend (fellow writer, Jeannette Ryder) and teasing his old friends (fellow writers Jay V and Kariyanine). He eats beef sometimes and laughs with a smile.

Which leaves me sort scratching my head as to why he e-stalked Dorothy Krysiuk. (See it here, here, here, and here.) I mean, yes, my partner has a crush on her, too. Yes, we have watched the news on dates to catch a glimpse of the lovely lady herself. But why the hell should anyone e-stalk her for the MetBlog?

Doesn’t matter. I can’t answer that question. This little experiment sprung from the depths of Brady’s twisted mind. More power to him. And D-Mac of Philadelphia Will Do noticed Brady’s obsession experiment and left us with these notes:

“Some of you might mock this. But, to me, this is the best example of the Philadelphia pseudo-celebrity I’ve ever seen. A guy in L.A. has 30 days and $1100 to meet Drew Barrymore, legit movie actress. A guy in Philly? Well, 30 days and the cost of his internet connection to meet Dorothy Krysiuk.”

Yeah. Brady did something right. And I’m sorta digging it.

Read D-Mac’s full post here and stay tuned here from Brady’s continuing e-stalking. (I’ve heard rumours of this experiment expanding to new targets with bigger and better goals on the horizon over 2006.)

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  1. brady (unregistered) on January 5th, 2006 @ 2:52 pm

    You make it sound so twisted! But I’m glad you dig it :).

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