A big circle of Jersey

“Who wants to live in Jersey? It’s a goddamn Communist country; you have to pay to get out.”


So we’re at the MetBlog Meet-Up, watching Chris (also Kariyanine) consume his eight vodka and cranberry type concoctions at the New Wave at 3rd and Catherine. And he starts spouting off about Jersey. I thought the quote at the top of this entry was good enough to write down so it’s been sitting in my journal, waiting for the opportune moment to drop the quote in a casual entry here on the MetBlog. This is that entry…

Cory (my partner of choice) and I are in Mississippi, enjoying the vast amounts of nothing that there is to do down here. At the moment, we’re watching Futurama on [adult swim]. Fry ended up apartment hunting and found several amazing “deals” including a delish adventure in undersea living. Then, of course, he spies an ad that says “Suspiciously Awesome Apartment”. Of course they go looking, and the discussion is as follows:

Fry: “So…what’s the catch?”
Landlord: “Oh, there’s no catch. It’s just we’re technically in New Jersey.”

Which brings us back to…

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  1. Cory (unregistered) on December 28th, 2005 @ 11:34 pm


    Tons of jughandles.


    Jersey. Ugh.

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