Dear NBC10

Dear NBC10,

How’s it going? I tend to watch your news program in the evening and I sometimes check your website for the latest news. I had a couple of questions that perhaps you might be able to clear up. First, I wanted to know if at some point you will stick with actual news to report, instead of the fluff that I have seen lately. I read a “News Article” on today about a new designer mixed breed dog called a panda dog. 5416691_200X150.jpg I noticed immediately that it looks just like a panda bear! Wow I thought, amazing. Then when I kept reading I saw the following here. “Columbo, who is naturally white, was dyed using a special hair dye for dogs that lasts about a month” Interesting I thought, the dog is dyed to look like a panda bear. After reading this story, I expect to now see articles about “New Red Pugs” and “Zebra Dogs.” I’ll just find a few strays and give them an Extreme Makeover and perhaps I can find them a loving home. Don’t worry, I’ll include a case of Manic Panic with instructions on upkeep.

And to Cherie Bank I would like to find out where she gets such interesting and riveting topics for her “Health” segment. 1213821_320X240.jpg One of them from last week was titled “Thanksgiving Turkey Is Safe To Eat” which indeed explained that Turkey is safe to eat. Nice Work! And my favorite “Believers Say Homemade Drink Shrinks Gut, Aids Health” where she mentions apple cider vinegar not helping weight loss. Quality reporting. Cherie, what’s next? I have a few ideas. How about “Do we really need sleep? And what to do when you are tired.” or “Is water really good for you?” The best question I just thought of is “Why is Cherie Bank on the air?” “Do we need crap health reporters?”

Nbc10, please, I beg of you, there is a whole community that watches your program and I fear if you keep up this style of faux-news reporting that..that..well..crap…we’ll probably still just watch. But for the good of humanity! Why does local news suck? And is it just me, or does the entire cast scare the crap out of you? It’s like some clone factory, all the same haircut, same personality…Can someone stop me from watching this train wreck of a news program?

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