I Finally Went to Body Worlds

The title says it, I finally went to the Body World exhibit at the Franklin Institute. I took my sister to a 10am viewing on Sunday…way to early to look at dead people, but it was still interesting. The cost was $26 and in the end I would advise going after 5pm so you can get the discounted rate of 15 dollars. I spent about 30 minutes in the entire exhibit and thought it was “Eh.” 75% of it seemed like, and yes they are real human body parts, but it reminded me of a text book, or even a regular body exhibit at a science museum. They had about 4 rooms of display, most of it consisted of different cases showing a theme of “Heart” or “Kidney” and explaining what the heck each of them do. They would show healthy vs. not healthy, and the smokers lungs were pretty interesting, though I remember seeing one in High School science class. So for this I would think that it would be good for kids and people really interested in seeing human examples versus fake plastic ones you would find normally.
What I found to be interesting was the full bodies on display, though after you see a few it’s pretty much the same. They had a body that only showed blood vessels which was really cool. It was really creepy to be eye to eye (Most aren’t in cases) with a human body minus skin, or cut in half, with it’s eyes looking right at you. I wasn’t really freaked out until I saw a man who had been sliced into 8 sections with his skin and hair still on the body. On his left arm was a few tattoos and for once it hit home that this was a real person, and here I was next to him, and he was in pieces.
All in all it was worth checking out, but I thought for my pocketbook the price was steep. It does take about 1500 hours for one body to be put into this form, so the cost I am sure goes towards the man hours involved. They also showed the consent form that these people have signed. Unlike the other knock-offs that are on display in the US, this one is for real. The people have consented to giving their bodies for this specific use. The one in NY uses unclaimed bodies from China, so those people on display could be anyone, and may not have wanted to be a science experiment. If you are going to see a Body exhibit, please see this one, it’s the original and the people have consented to have their bodies shown in this manner.

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