I Hate UPS

I should have posted this last night, as my experience with the UPS compound was late last night, but I needed time to unwind. It brought back bad memories of the last time I wasn’t home for the UPS guy and had to go to the 15 w Oregon Avenue UPS compound. My advice: always be home for the UPS guy, take a sick day, cut class, anything to avoid this place.

Before I continue let me say that I don’t hate the workers at this UPS center. They are very nice, and amazing with people that are usually pissed off.

Remember it’s not their fault the package isn’t in the compound when UPS specifically told you it was.

It’s not their fault the truck driver is nowhere to be found, and you can either wait for up to 2 hours, or come back tomorrow and try again.

It’s not their fault that packages are not where the computer says they are in this Gi-normous building.

It’s really not, but with all these issues UPS should really figure out how to better serve it’s customer base. I feel so bad for the workers, they age right in front of my eyes, and I can only think about how much worse it’s going to get this holiday season.

Last year I had to pickup a package and ended up waiting for the trucks to come back, even though I called the day before to tell them I’d pick it up, and they said “sure come on out!” I was waiting, along with about 15 other people, for the trucks to come. It was well after closing. I think I arrived at 7:00 and this was around 8:30 when the trucks started coming in. One package at a time they’d call out, “1500 Christian?” There’d be 14 groans and one excited person, almost like they were on the price is right “Come on Down!!” After grabbing their package they’d turn around and try not to smile, but in their eyes you could see how excited they were that they were now free of the UPS chains and could go home and finally eat dinner.

Luckily last night my experience only lasted 35 minutes, but while waiting in line (another fun part of the whole experience is that people like to be on their cell phones and the service isn’t so good), a woman in front of me who was calling what sounded like her boyfriend or husband, had to repeat “I Hate UPS” over and over again so he could understand what she was saying. It was really comical since I am sure EVERYONE there was thinking the same thing. It was almost like a voice over…and the exact same thing I had forgotten, but remembered, once I set foot in that compound.

Good luck nice UPS workers for this holiday season, I promise I’ll be home for the UPS guy so you won’t have the extra stress of trying to find my lost package.

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  1. huh@huh.com (unregistered) on December 22nd, 2005 @ 6:04 pm

    Sheesh, that’s nothing. I would gladly pick up my package. I told my local UPS at least twice this year not to leave packages at my door. There are plenty of bushes and a fence and places to conceal the package, but NOOO… they leave on the front doorstep in broad daylight.

    Despite telling them to never leave packages, they did it again this week, or at least that’s what they claim. My package is nowhere to be found, apparently stolen. Christmas is 3 days away. Great timing.

  2. Kareko (unregistered) on January 7th, 2006 @ 12:44 am

    I recently bought a comuter peripheral from the U.S. for $119 over the internet and chose UPS over USPS for delivery to Canada because it was the cheapest method; $14 as opposed to $23 for USPS.
    I was expecting to have to pay import duty or GST (7%) on the item which works out to be under $10 Canadian. When UPS arrived, they charged me over $60 CDN for brokerage charges etc etc etc, $5 of which was a service fee just for charging me the money in the first place!!! What a crock.
    I have now discovered that UPS has a “front” brokerage company where they just drive the truck through and say they have gone through the clearence procedure (hence no “CLEARED CUSTOMS” stamp on any box), but what they do is just calculate the GST duty etc from the shipping information supplied by the shipper automatically by computer and add brokerage fees and other fees for doing nothing.
    Even if they were using a legitmate brokerage, they should at least be getting a huge discount for volume, how else do the other courier services and the post office do it basically for free?!? The biggest joke is their advertisement campaign “Brown … Better for Business”, yeh right, they took a 30%+ cut of mine, thats not good for business in any ones books.
    I have now permanently boycotted UPS and want everyone else to do the same.

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