Dover CARES Wins!!

images.jpgWell folks I am excited to say that, at least based upon the Dover CARES platform, the statement regarding Creationism..err Intelligent Design will be taken out of the current policy when teaching evolution. The Dover school board had 9 seats up for election and the Dover CARES group won 8 of the 9 seats. Dover CARES said “… that if intelligent design is referenced, it should be in an elective course, such as comparative religion.” while the incumbants favored “..mentioning intelligent design in biology classes.” So based upon the Dover CARES group, even with the ruling by the Judge in January, they will take this requirement off the books.

Darwin wins here in PA, while he loses in Kansas. A great quote from the Post

“This is a great day for education. This is one of the best things that we can do. This absolutely teaches more about science,” said Steve E. Abrams, the Kansas board chairman who shepherded the conservative Republican majority that overruled a 26-member science committee and turned aside the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Teachers Association.”

and this one

“This is a sad day, not only for Kansas kids, but for Kansas,” said Janet Waugh, who voted against the new standards. “We’re becoming a laughingstock, not only of the nation, but of the world.”

Yes Kansas, yes you are…

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