Today is Election Day

Folks, remember to get out and vote today. True, it’s not the presidental election, nor do we have any real fun topics to vote on like some other states do, but we do have a mayoral races in Allentown and a District Attorney in Buck County.

For all you NJers out there get out and Vote for your Governor!! It’s been a hoot watching TV in Philly the past month as we get the Ads for Governor over here. I can’t wait for the TV stations to have the technology to put the Ads in the right homes, it seemed crazy that I am in Philly and getting about 15-20 ads a day about the Governor, but the ones I remember most are the ones from the 2nd District Assembly in New Jersey, pitting Jim Whelan against Frank Blee and Kirk Conover. The commercial that gets me the most is the one when they have regular people reading a script and looking foolish. The funniest part is its ending when (and I just googled her, I actually thought it was a scam but it’s real. Nice work Blee and Conover for using real people)

Alba Borland, owner of Alba’s Boutique, cries in a thick Italian accent, “Don’t let Jim Whelan take my small business from me.”

I’m sorry Alba, but each time I see the ad I do laugh as it looks like they made you practice and practice, and I swear I can see you smile when you finally got it right. For the record her business is not slated to be taken away, I think this was meant to state that he might, sometime in the night go into her house and take her keys?? Doubtful, but this is politics.

And for me, the most important election is taking place in Dover today where the voters are going to be able to pick the 8 seats on the school board. As some of you might know already, and if you don’t then you’ve not be outside your house in a while, the officials on the present school board (They are running for re-election) are fighting over the legality of a policy they passed.

“It requires ninth-grade biology teachers to read a statement about “intelligent design” — a philosophy critics say is really creationism — before they teach the theory of evolution.”

The judge is expected to rule in the case in January, but the opposition that is hoping to win today said that if they win they will remove Intelligent design from the curriculum. So good luck to those new board members!

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