Eagles Suck…Pass me a beer.

Well not exactly my opinion but it’s what the man outside my work was shouting at lunch. This man, he’s in maybe his 50’s or 60’s, has been on the corner of 18th and Market for the last 4 years, at least since I’ve been working at my current job. You can usually find him out there hawking t-shirts and hats with the logo’s of our local Philadelphia teams. His catch phrase is usually what is printed on the t-shirts, sometimes he changes it around but not often, and it always rhymes with 6 bucks. He’s good for a laugh everytime you walk by, even though you have a good idea of what he’s going to say. These are a few of his catch phrases.

“Dallas Sucks!! For only 6 bucks!!!”
“Redskins Suck!! For only 6 bucks!!”

See a pattern here?

and todays line… “Eagles suck!! Pass me a beer” Next time I’ll ask him if he’s got a “T.O. sucks” t-shirt, cause I might buy that one off him…And for only 6 bucks!

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