SEPTA Strike: Day 4. Do you know how much 5% is?

The Strike continues with no end in sight. Union Spokesman Bob Bedard said about SEPTA “We’re not talking to them anymore.’ Mayor Street has said that he hasn’t seen any long term damage to local businesses and as a result he is waiting to step in.

5% is what SEPTA is wanting Veteren employees to pay for their health care premiums. Right now Veterens pay nothing, the new workers do. I have seen these numbers floating around and to me percents mean nothing unless you know what they are taking the percent of. Well 5% is between $3 and $12 a week, or $12 and $48 a month, which for most companies is still a steal. I am still at a loss to explain why this is a benefit to the union unless they visit the doctor a ton. They have given up sick days, the don’t get paid for the first 3, but I believe after 3 they get 50% wage. They don’t get cost-of-living adjustments and we have the 5th largest transit system in the country and yet they rank 13th in wages paid to top-scale bus drivers. All for free health care??

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