Septa Strike From Ian’s View

Well today was an interesting day watching all the cars, and I mean there were a TON of cars this morning on my walk to work. But boy after work it was nuts outside. Cars everywhere. Cops on the corners directing traffic along the Parkway. People walking in numbers I haven’t seen before. The effect of the strike can definitly be seen on Day one of this strike.

So to look on the brightside of things I thought I’d compile a list of positives that I think are coming out of this strike. Listed below in no particular order.

1. During rush hour Philly can save money by not turning on the street lights because all the brake lights seemed to be sufficient.
2. Who needs clean air when you have the lovely smell of gasoline from all the cars…soooo many cars?
3. If I have never worried about getting hit by a car before, now is the time to start with all the road raging car owners..
4. Philly will lower it’s place in the Fatest City list, with all the walking…oh and all the jobs lost (Sorry Suzanne) and thus less money to use for food…
5. Now I don’t have to worry about getting run over by a bus running a red light.

Well I could go on, but anyone out there have other positives that might make put this strike in the positive light SEPTA hopes we should be seeing?

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