Police activity outside City Hall

Just saw a blip on NBC talking about Rick Mariano, a Philadelphia city councilman, causing some sort of police activity. I checked NBC10.com and found this story.

Philadelphia city councilman Rick Mariano, who may face a federal indictment, was involved in some type of police activity at City Hall late Thursday afternoon, sources tell NBC 10.

Mariano was in the tower on top of City Hall, talking with police commissioner Sylvester Johnson and mayor John Street just before 6 p.m., before he accompanied by both men down to the street.

Councilman Frank Rizzo said he believed Mariano had went up to the tower in a possible attempt to take this own life.
“I’d be really surprised if it turns out to be anything other than that,” Rizzo told NBC 10 News.

Wow, thats insane. I read about this possible indictment earlier today. Here’s what NBC10 said to sum it up.

Federal investigators are looking at Mariano’s dealings with his former Catholic high school football coach, who now runs a North Philadelphia strip club; a friend who runs a real-estate firm; and a scrap metal company that allegedly paid his credit-card bills, according to published reports.

I can hear the choppers circling City Hall…

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