Umbrella Etiquette

For those that don’t walk the city streets in Philly during a rainy work day lunch, or even a rainy time when people are en masse walking around, you might not experience the “Large umbrella, small sidwalk” issue that plagues Philadelphia.

I have almost had my eyes poked out on numerous occasions, had to wait a good 5 minutes to pass through a small space between a food cart line and the wall, all because people with jumbo umbrellas and people who are unaware refuse to commit to good umbrella etiquette.

Ian’s Unbrella Etiquette:

1. Always be aware of where your umbrella is, you might not notice the tall guy behind. You might not realize that the pointed ends of your umbrella, that seem like you might have filed them down to a point, can in fact be considered a weapon.
2. When you are about to pass someone with umbrella in hand, be kind and tilt your umbrella at an angle, or raise your umbrella over the ocoming umbrella.
3. If your umbrella is wider than the sidewalk, please don’t use it unless you yourself are as wide as the sidewalk.
4. Please please please don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk with your umbrella extended, you are now blocking the rest of us from passing.
5. Finally, if it is not raining, or if no one else is using an umbrella, ask yourself “Why is my umbrella open?” If you do not know the answer, please close your umbrella.

Sometimes I feel like I am in marine boot camp when I have to duck, jump, and defend myself in order to walk 2 blocks to the gym. I feel I need to also pack goggles and a helmet for those rainy days.

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