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I have been reading about my neighborhood in Phillyblog, which is more of a forum type environment that has sections for all neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The website actually helped me pick the right place to move to a few months ago when I was looking for housing. So when I moved into Fairmount I read about a program called Fairmount Sits Out.

I e-mailed a member of this organization who wished to remain anonymous and he explained how the program works.

The intent was to put together a network of blocks on which neighbors would stoop sit and otherwise socialize outside on a set of given nights, one per month throughout the warm season. Each block would have a contact person, who receives the dates from the Sits Out coordinator, as well as a list of the other blocks that are sitting out that night. On any given Sits Out night we have 4 or 5 blocks, spaced more or less evenly around the neighborhood.

I am not sure that I have heard about a program such as this before, but I really think it does a lot of good for the community. Not only are the neighbors keeping an eye out for their blocks, but it’s also a great way to create a solid community and new relationships. In the days of cable TV and internet, sitting outside and interacting with the neighbors is a rare thing. From my own recent experience painting my front door I saw so many people on my block I hadn’t see before. With those days I was on my porch I had a lot more interaction than I normally would, and it’s such a great feeling of “Home” when you have that bond with your neighbors.

So I encourage those in my neighborhood, who want to be involved, or to know which blocks are participating at any given time to e-mail ‘fairmounttownwatch(at)hotmail(dot)com’ (replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’, and replace the ‘dot’ with ‘.’) And hopefully, if it’s not already in the rest of the communities of Philadelphia, it will spread and we can keep and eye on crime and forge new bonds with our neighbors.

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  1. James (unregistered) on September 12th, 2005 @ 2:26 pm

    The website is phillyblog.com (i.e. not a plural) and it’s great!

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