Back Into the City!!!

But, sadly, only for a few minutes.Yes, I’m still unemployed. But my brother, who is on vacation in a foreign country, left his roommate with the grand total 100% of the rent. Of course, that’s not a good thing. All you people paying a gloriously high rent — something I wish I were doing right now, along with having a job with a gloriously high paycheck — know that it’s hard to rent on your own.

So I’ll be there and I’ll drop off a rent check our parents made up to give the roommate. And I secretly have fifteen bucks so I may stay for a few extra minutes. But not being in the city for so long I don’t know where to go anymore!!!

Argh. I can’t wait to get a job. I’m lookin’ outside the city, of course, because as soon as I go into the city I get to pay the wonderful and ever-so-gracious city wage tax. Which I want to do, because, YAY, more taxes!

Should I tell you all what I’m doing in the Philly suburbs? I mean the outside the city suburbs? I’ll save it for another entry. By the way, I am told my band is playing at The Fire on Monday. Of course, we don’t appear on the Fire website, and our MySpace calendar was never updated so I don’t know if that’s where we’re playing. Gotta love how I’m in the band and I don’t even know what’s going on.

Anyways, I know it’s my excuse to get more people to come see us, but I’d love to meet in person some of the people I pretend to blog with here at PMB. And of course, you, dear readers. Come out and support a PhillyMetroBlogging writer. Say hi, buy me a beer or whatever. Or let me buy you one. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Marisa (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 8:28 pm

    Hey Jay, keep us posted about your gigs. I’ll totally come out sometime, unfortunately, this weekend is bad.

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