Salvation Army

When I worked out in East Falls, I would often stop in at Bargain Thrift (Germantown Ave. and Queen Lane) after work. It’s a great community thriftstore, the check-out clerks know most of the people who come in, scold kids who are misbehaving and often give advice about whether an item of clothing is flattering or not. Since I now work in University City, I don’t have the opportunity to stop in at Bargain Thrift on as regular a basis.
But not to fear, I’m still feeding my thriftstore addiction. The Salvation Army at 22nd and Market is conveniently located on my way home. I stopped in today, for a moment missing Miss Birdie at Bargain Thrift, until I found three great pairs of pants and a skirt for work.
As I was standing in line, waiting to check out, the clerks a lot more surly than in Germantown, the woman in front me turns around and asks, “Where you get that shirt you’re wearing? Did you get that here?” I disappointed her when I admitted that I had gotten it on clearance at Old Navy. She responded by saying, “Well, it looks sharp.” It’s always nice when the people at the thriftstore think you look “sharp.”

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