The Krimpet Poll

Based on a discussion with Sherri W. in the comments here, it has been decided to conduct this very scientific poll. I repeat, this is very scientific. It is very important.

We heartily encourage you to vote, because the results of this poll are very important. Really. They are.
(Also, I am no good with the formatting when I am tired.)

Please consider telling us, in the comments, why your tastebuds hold the feelings they do and/or why we are insane for eating these things.

Krimpet Flavors

What is your favorite Tastykake Krimpet flavor?
Butterscotch Krimpets
Chocolate Kreme Filled Krimpets
Jelly Krimpets
Kreme Filled Krimpets
Strawberry Krimpets
What is wrong with you people? You eat this stuff?
I’ve never had a Krimpet…

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