Very Late Live 8

I’ve been trying to post about my Live 8 experience for days, without any success. I was happy that I went out and made myself part of the spectacle of it, but was really disappointed in the event’s non-ability to achieve it’s intended effect. It was conceived as a way to get people out, to let the world’s leaders know that millions of people care about deaths due to extreme poverty in Africa. I was at Live 8 for seven hours on July 2nd, and felt like once the concert started, the cause was shunted aside.

I was really disappointed, but not suprised. Because the crowd was there for the music not for the cause.

I got in trouble a couple of weeks ago on my own blog for expressing opinions of hopefulness and positivity about the potential of Live 8. I still feel like the event had a lot of potential, it just wasn’t necessarily executed. Maybe 20 years from now, we’ll be ready to take this seriously.

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