Eight Counter-Eight

As Will Bunch says, “So we hear there’s going to be a good concert in Philly this weekend.” He’s also hung signposts towards two different approaches to thinking about tomorrow’s Big Event.

Stu Bykovsky asks only that “When you’re through rocking my city, sweep it out, turn out the lights and lock the door.” He also asks that no one puke on his (our) fair sidewalks, but since I’m not so convinced about the initial fairness of the sidewalks in question, I’m willing to be a little more forgiving. Just don’t use the bases of all our renowned public art, thank ye muchly.

Meanwhile, Nicole Godbolt (nee Rouse) remembers her experience as the appointed “kid reporter” for 1985’s Live Aid. (Those Philadelphians wearing cynicism and ennui as badges of pride may wish to skip Nicole’s essay.)

Earlier this morning I posted on Area 151 about my plans for handling the no-drive zone and my proximity to The Eventful Eight. My co-workers were telling me that I should follow the example of Becky over at Good Grief! by opening my house to concert-goers requiring basic amenities. All for an appropriate fee, of course. Between her placement to the north and mine to the south of the concert region, we should have the market more-or-less covered.

I’m even thinking of refining the fee structure. Perhaps a sliding scale for bathroom use, depending on duration of stay and the biological functions at stake…..

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  1. Marisa (unregistered) on July 1st, 2005 @ 9:06 pm

    Your last line gave me a little giggle there. $6.95 for the first minute and $2 for every subsequent minute of time spent?

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