What a Weekend to Launch

*waving hello* as another face from the Philly Metroblogging Crew (can I call us the PMC henceforth? can I? huh huh huh?) steps up for an initial post.

Previous posts have already indicated how Live8 awareness has infected the entire region. I’ve posted on my own blog about that event, but as I turn my attention here, I’ve got something else on my mind:

The Welcome America folks must be going to bed each night cursing Bob Geldof’s name.

If they’re sleeping at all, I mean. Think of it: an annual 4th of July festival, and I’d bet it’s something where folks start planning next year’s festival almost as soon as this year’s one is completed. And it’s all been completely eclipsed by an event that’s been hastily thrown together (what was it? some 30 days between announcement and event?).

I noticed that the America’s Birthday site chose not to highlight Live8 as one of the events going on around town between now and the 4th. (Guess they figured the Live8 crew didn’t really need publicity help from Welcome America.)

But there’s lots of options listed there, and exciting new trivia:

Another Philly First! First Municipal Water System in the United States–The Philadelphia Water Works began operation in 1799. During the 18th century [their error, not mine], the Water Works was the second most popular tourist site in the U.S.

Never mind that the 18th century ended 2 years after the Water Works opened. Logic suggests that this popularity with tourists was more likely during the 1800s, otherwise known as the 19th century.

Hmmm, maybe the Welcome America folks need new editors as much as they need a new marketing firm.

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  1. suzanne (unregistered) on June 28th, 2005 @ 6:44 pm

    Hi Sherri!
    I think PMC sounds cute.

    And my god…Welcome America! is old and dead. Even if Live8 wasn’t around, I’d stick a fork in them because they are SO done.

  2. Marisa McClellan (unregistered) on June 28th, 2005 @ 10:17 pm

    Go for it, I like PMC.

  3. Dave (unregistered) on June 29th, 2005 @ 12:14 am

    I posted almost the exact same thing about Welcome America over at PhillyFuture. Turns out, Welcome America is a poorly managed, gaping money pit. Who knew?



  4. Sherri W. (unregistered) on June 30th, 2005 @ 9:13 am


    Yeah, I saw your Phillyfuture musings later in the evening after I’d posted here. (Great minds think alike?) Thanks for passing along the links and the further information tha came to light in that conversation!

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